The Brazilian New Regulatory Framework for Basic Sanitation, approved in 2020, promises to foster the sector and bring new engineering challenges. To allow the accumulation of water for collection, treatment and distribution, most Sanitation companies in Brazil have Water Dams. Therefore, these structures must generally be framed in the Brazilian National Dam Safety Policy (Federal Law 12.334 / 2010) and comply with Resolution 236/2017 of the National Water Agency (ANA).

In addition to the need for studies and projects for new Water Dams, there is a strong demand for consultancy in Dam Safety, which includes Regular Safety Inspections, Dam Safety Plans, Dam Break Studies, among others.

The Brazilian National Policy for Solid Waste (any solid matter produced by man or by nature that we call waste) requires an environmentally appropriate disposal. This law also encourages the reuse of solid waste, proposing the practice of sustainable consumption and recycling habits.

Geotechnical Engineering is intrinsically linked to the investigation process and studies of assessments of final disposal of solid waste resulting from both domestic and industrial activities and services. It studies the conditions, elements and socio-environmental dynamics, characterizing the processes of the physical environment and predicting changes to which these processes are subject to the implementation of civil works.

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