SAFF Engenharia offers to the market consultancy and projects in Geotechnics, Water Resources and Dam Safety with technical competence and engagement with people, the environment and ethical commitments.

We put safety first, since it is the essential origin of our name.

Difficult conditions, sensitive environments or ambitious projects can present varying degrees of complexity, but we are prepared to provide customized solutions that involve robustness, practicality and technical excellence.
Our fundamental role is to provide ways for our customers to build a better world.

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• Conducting Regular Safety Inspections (ISR) and Special Safety Inspections (ISE);
• Regular Safety Inspections Report (RISR);
• Stability Assessment Certificate (DCE);
• Dam Safety Plan (PSB);
• Emergency Action Plan (PAE), Emergency Action Plan for Mining Dams (PAEBM) and Dam Break;
• Avaliações de Conformidade e Operacionalidade de Planos de Ação de Emergência de Barragens de Mineração (ACO-PAEBM);
• Periodic Dam Safety Reviews (RPSB);
• Risk Charts and Risk Analysis;
• “As Built” Project “As Is” Project;
• In company training and simulations;
• Geotechnical and hydrological monitoring of dams;
• Mapping and Optimization Process;

• Geological and Geotechnical Investigations;
• Geotechnical Studies and Projects;
• Slope Stability
• Infrastructure Geotechnics;
• Studies, Projects and Management of Tailings Disposal and Mining Waste Systems;
• Embankment and Rockfill Dams for Water and Tailings;
• Operational and Construction Geotechnical Support.

• Analysis of hydrological data consistency;
• Precipitation frequency studies;
• Watersheds characterization;
• Water balance studies;
• Flood hydrographs;
• Dam Break studies;
• Favorability analysis for groundwater exploration;
• Hydrology and hydrogeology numerical modeling;
• Hydraulic structures projects;

• Technical guidance and support for technical and commercial decision-making;
• Projects presentation to Stakeholders;
• Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements;
• QA / QC quality assurance and control programs;
• Management and quality assurance of project documentation and structures;
• Management and guidance of field teams to ensure good methodological and operating practices in
adverse conditions;
• Operate performance indicators, guidelines, standards and regulatory requirements;
• Conducting independent reviews and risk assessments of systems.

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